Pain in your Lap!

Neck and Back Pain Caused by Laptop Use

It’s winter time here in Silicon Valley . Although desks are great for productivity, the lure of grabbing your laptop and getting some work done in bed is stronger than ever. We get it, getting out of bed, or that cozy spot on the couch, is hard but that comfy position ends up putting strain on your back and neck resulting in unnecessary pain.

When working under these circumstances you are often sitting with your laptop in your lap, this positioning results in a hunched over posture that leaves your spine unsupported. The repercussions of long term esposure to this position includes neck, back, shoulder, arm, and wrist pain . This pain can affect many parts of daily life, including your sleep. Daily Mail  reported a study done by the British Chiropractic Association indicated that “research shows that nearly half (48%) of people can’t sleep due to back or neck pain but technology could actually be exacerbating the problem”.

When working seated with your laptop it is important to remember to place a firm pillow to support your back, raise the screen so that it is at eye level and to take a break every 40-45 minutes to stretch or walk around. If you are feeling some pain, before you reach for medication make sure you read our post on meds vs. manipulation. Ergonomics can make a world of difference for relieving and preventing day-to-day pain, see what our partners, SF Custom Chirppractic, wrote on how ergonomics can help.

If you are in pain from this or any other conditions, visit us at Custom Chiropractor; we’re happy to help! Give our Santa Clara office a call at 408-248-8700 or click here to schedule your appointment. We thank you sincerely for choosing Custom Chiropractor!



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