Healthy and Happy Babies: How Chiropractic Care Benefits Babies

Contrary to what you may believe, sometimes being a baby can be a hard thing! With the rapid growing process and changes in nutritional requirements, having a healthy infancy stage is important for development. Chiropractic care benefits babies through adjusting and giving nutritional advice to parents. Research has shown chiropractic care to reduce or eliminate symptoms in many conditions that are common during infancy. By assessing the baby’s condition prior to treatment, a chiropractor will also determine if your baby is meeting their milestones. They can also determine if a referral to another healthcare professional is necessary.

Chiropractor adjusting 3 month old baby
Infant Adjustment

Is chiropractic care safe for babies?

The first thing every parent wants to know is whether chiropractic care is safe for their child. The short answer is yes! Most people think that chiropractors only treat adults with low back pain, but chiropractors also treat newborns, infants, and toddlers!

How do chiropractors adjust babies?

Adjustments may differ depending on what condition a baby may have, however, adjustments will always be gentle and pain-free. Infant chiropractic care can be compared to massaging and stretching unlike the higher forcer “cracking” technique that is used on adults. Occasionally a low-force tool called an Activator may be used to correct any restrictions a baby may have. Here are some common questions parents often have about chiropractic treatment:

How much pressure will the chiropractor use?

Chiropractor adjusting baby spine
Using only fingertip pressure for treatment

Gentle pressure is used by the chiropractor to assess, fix any restrictions, or release any tense muscles the baby may have. Chiropractors primarily use their fingertips or thumb tips for any treatment your baby may need.

Will there be a cracking sound?

Unlike chiropractic treatment for adults, there is no cracking or popping involved in the chiropractic treatment of babies. Treatment performed by chiropractors on babies are very low force and often go unnoticed by the baby!

Will my baby cry during treatment?

Your baby may cry during treatment but fear not! The baby is not crying out of pain. Your baby may cry due to the new environment or that something new is happening.

How does chiropractic care help babies?

Studies have shown that chiropractic care benefits babies in many ways! All conditions are treated in a gentle holistic way without the use of any medications. Examples of conditions that can be reduced or eliminated with chiropractic care include:

Colicky babies are unhappy babies. Babies with colic can cry inconsolably for no apparent reason causing themselves and their parents’ sleepless nights. Adjustments coupled with nutritional advice can help relieve the symptoms of colic.

Torticollis is a medical name for tight muscles of the neck. If you notice your baby is favoring looking to one side or is unable to get into a good position for breast feeding, they may be experiencing torticollis. A chiropractor may use gentle massage work to the babies’ neck muscles to release any tension.

Feeding issues
Feeding issues or latching issues can arise from decreased movement or restrictions of the babies’ shoulders, neck, or jaw, or specifically the baby’s temporomandibular joint (TMJ). By chiropractors correcting these restrictions, babies will have an easier time latching or bottle feeding!

Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) may entail excessive spitting up, persistent coughing, fussiness, eating issues, or crying around feeding time. This can be quite uncomfortable for the baby and can lead to other digestive issues. Adjustments to the baby’s spine can help relieve the pain of reflux or GERD.

Constipation is a common issue that parents will seek chiropractic treatment for. Digestive issues in babies can be relieved through chiropractic care. Some babies even defecate right after their first treatment!

Ear infections
Unfortunately, many ear infections can be uncomfortable and often recurring in babies. Some ear infections go away on their own, but some may require extra help. Chiropractic care benefit babies’ ears by improving the drainage of their ears and further reduce the recurrence of ear infections without the use of antibiotics!

Sleeping issues
Babies with sleeping issues mean many sleepless nights for parents as well! Chiropractic treatment increases relaxation while decreasing conditions that may be causing your baby to not be able to sleep at night.

Chiropractic care benefits babies
Happy and Healthy Baby

How often should a baby see a chiropractor?

After an assessment performed by the chiropractor, the doctor will determine how often and what treatment is best for your baby. Chiropractors can see healthy babies as well! Our office offers preventative care and regular milestone check-ups as well. Remember, chiropractic treatment can benefit babies and a happy baby means a happy parent!



If you have any questions on how chiropractic care benefits babies or on a specific condition your baby may have, please feel free to contact us at Custom Chiropractor or schedule an appointment by visiting or by calling (408) 248-8700.

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