Ergonomics Explained by top Santa Clara Chiropractor.

Ergonomics may seem like a complicated concept, however at its very core, ergonomics basic principle is that it analyzes human environment and optimizes it to preserve human well-being and performance. Its aim is to educate people about how their body works and to reduce the little everyday stressors we encounter in everyday life. These stressors tend to buildup and can lead to chronic pain, a plight many of us face. 


The Three Ergonomic stressors:

  • the force required to complete a task
  • awkward or static working postures adopted in completing a task
  • repetitiveness of a task


Ergonomic principles can be applied to many everyday situations: from home, to work, to travel. 

Ergonomics in Gaming:

  • Take several breaks in between gaming sessions and try to get up and walk around so you’re not staying in the same position for an extended period of time. 
  • Shift your position while you’re gaming, again preventing extended period of time in the same position.
  • Sit in a position where you are able to see the entire screen with your head in a neutral position.
  • Keep your arms relaxed and wrists straight when operating the controller.  
  • Use a light touch to activate the controller. 
  • Play with good lighting so you do not have to reposition yourself or strain your eyes from glare.
  • Turn off vibration feedback.

Writing and Note Taking

  • Take breaks while writing.
  • Check your posture.
  • Find a comfortable chair that allows your knees and hips to align.
  • Find a desk that sits high enough so your hands and wrists are in line with your elbows.
  • Make sure your utensils are working! This minimizes pressure needed to apply while writing.
  • Use a light grip when using utensils.
  • Use wide grip utensils to reduce discomfort.
  • Keep a neutral wrist posture and avoid placing forearm or wrist on the table.
  • Let shoulder initiate writing movement.
  • Minimize reaching by sitting close to the table.
  • Avoid leaning on the wrist or forearm.

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