TRX: A guide on how to move better

TRX Functional Training Sideway Split Custom Chiropractor

TRX Functional Training Sideway Split Custom Chiropractor

At Custom Chiropractor the way we select weekly topics always starts with considering the foundation of strong standards that improve your quality of living. This week we picked TRX Functional Training system and its surprising benefits on everyday life.

Human movement can best be understood by breaking it down to its most basic and fundamental elements. When we learn to understand and perform Foundational Movements, we improve our performance in everything else we do.

TRX is a suspension training system designed by Randy Hetrick, a former Navy SEAL. It is created based on the principles of physical movement and functional training. It is used for training in the military, NFL, NBA, and NHL.


Condition active muscles while preventing future injuries

TRX Balance and Lower Body Training
TRX Balance and Lower Body Training

Each TRX Foundational Movement has a set of standards, generally defined by which parts of the body need to be stable and which are allowed to be mobile.

Once you have defined the movement standards of an exercise, you need to find the appropriate level of difficulty. Ideally, this means that a progression will be challenging, but never to the point where form or technique are compromised.

Progression is generally determined by two factors: mobility and strength. Frequently there is an imbalance here — the strong are not always mobile, and the mobile are not always strong — but both are necessary in order to meet movement standards. Find the weak link and work on it.

Once the appropriate level of progression has been identified, practice the movement until you become proficient. This is not intended to exhaust you but execute a series of focused repetitions.

Improving balance and coordination

TRX Plank Sideways

The TRX Suspension Trainer is uniquely equipped for delivering foundational movement-based training. The instability created by being partially suspended through a single anchor point produces a proprioceptive-rich environment, that research has shown, requires a significantly higher level of core activation than stable surfaces. The single anchor point also delivers instantaneous feedback for identifying asymmetries or imbalances in strength. This instability forces immediate and intuitive self-correction thus improving balance and coordination and improves overall core strength. The locking loop at the center of the TRX Suspension Trainer controls the instability so that you will never be put in a dangerous position.


Can I use TRX?

Athletic or not, with TRX you could gradually build strength efficiently and establish coordination while learning more about your own body. Your muscles elongate due to the suspension, creating longer lean muscle and a stronger body. For example, ballerinas use TRX to improve their balance and coordination. It can be used at home (anchoring to a door), outdoors (anchored to a tree) or any other training spaces.

Keeping a positive attitude can be the foundation of a healthy lifestyle. Remember, physical activity is a happy way to spend your time, not something that takes your time away from you. There are hundreds of TRX exercises that target different muscle groups. This article just scratches the surface of its potential. Give us a shout if you have any questions or would like to learn more about it. You can also ask one of our practitioners on site on your next visit to the clinic and see how TRX can be combined with your preventive or injury treatments.

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