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At Custom Chiropractor we are often asked “how can I keep my body feeling like this?” following treatment. While the answer varies depending on the patient and their condition, there are some general tips that can apply to most patients following their chiropractic treatment.

Review your Exercises

Review any movements given in appointment to make sure you understand and can perform them correctly. Find a time of day to perform them – ideally several times throughout the day for most patients – so that you can develop a routine. Performing them at the same time of day helps create a consistent routine that contributes to your healing. Developing your new exercise routine is important to track progress made in your chiropractic treatment. This will allow your chiropractor to determine the correct exercise difficulty level and progression. Exercises should be a balance of challenging and manageable.

Aerobic Activity after Chiropractic Treatment

Following your treatment, your body may have a new range of motion in a previously restricted area. Spinal adjustments increase movement that was previously limited, so it’s a good idea to utilize this new movement so your body can accept this new movement as standard. Part of retraining your body to accept it’s new range of motion includes aerobic activity. Walking, biking, swimming, and other light aerobic activities move the entire body in a gentle manner. Aerobic activity also pumps fluid through your spine to keep it hydrated and healthy. Ask your chiropractor which movement is best for you following your treatment.

Water & Ice Post Chiropractic Treatment

Your spine has discs between each vertebrae that are mainly a fluid, gel material. It’s important to keep these discs hydrated, especially after treatment, so healing can occur. Ensuring you are properly hydrated following treatment will allow your spine to be protected. This helps your treatment progress at a steady pace. Additionally, using ice following treatment is beneficial for some patients. In treatment, you may have soft tissue or muscle release performed that increases blood flow to a restricted area. This blood flow is good – it promotes healing and hydration. However, blood flow has the side effect of heat release. To ensure you are achieving the maximal benefit of blood flow without the discomfort of heat, ice can be applied to the affected area. Usually ice is only required in the first 24 – 72 hours following treatment.

Track your Progress

To help you stay motivated and on top of your condition, it’s a great idea to keep track of your movements and how your body feels. Keeping a journal of all your activities and how your body responds to each one can be used to monitor progress. This can be helpful for your chiropractor to know which movements and method of treatment is best for you specifically.


Plan your next Chiropractic Treatment

With your chiropractor, comes up with a treatment plan that works for you. Decide on the right frequency and duration of treatment plan to ensure your goals are met. Book your appointment today to start your chiropractic treatment!

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