How can Chiropractic help with CrossFit Injuries

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As the popularity of CrossFit regimens grows worldwide, so does the level of Workout of the Day (WOD) associated injuries. Burpees, wall-balls, plyometrics, and so on are common CrossFit routines, but they’re also some of the main causes of CrossFit related injuries when executed wrongly.

There are lots of critics associated with CrossFit activities. But at Custom Chiropractor, our aim is not to dissuade anybody from performing CrossFit routines or other physical activities. However, CrossFitters can still enjoy their daily workouts.

Since muscle and spine strain lead to long-term injuries, lots of CrossFitters have begun to seek Sports chiropractic care.

We want to help CrossFitters know about the potential injuries associated with CrossFit activities and how to avoid them.

So, how can chiropractic help with CrossFit injuries? Below, we have stated popular CrossFit injuries, how to avoid them, and how chiropractic can help CrossFit injuries.

Popular CrossFit Injuries

Tennis Elbow

Tennis elbow, which is also known as lateral epicondylitis, is common to office employees in the Santa Clara-San Jose area as many of them spend more hours in front of their PCs. It is important to know that your elbow is at risk of injury when you perform heavy CrossFit regimes such as bending and stretching.

Tennis elbow is an injury that occurs as a result of the overuse of the tendons and ligaments. When a person performs wrist extension such as swinging a hammer on a roof for some time, it can result in an injury in the elbow.

However, CrossFitters should take care when adding weight to workouts; they should understand proper lifting mechanics before doing so. Our doctors do not only work on such injuries using IASTM, cupping, Kinesiotape but will also teach and educate you on the proper body mechanic.

Anterior Knee Pain

It’s highly necessary to pay attention to proper knee alignment because the knees are highly exposed to injuries when performing CrossFit activities. This is important especially if you had a previous knee injury; CrossFit routines can aggravate that injury.

Furthermore, anterior knee pain, also known as patellofemoral pain syndrome, can also be caused by the overuse of the ligaments and tendons. Hence, sports chiropractic therapy is a proven treatment in relieving anterior knee pain and to work towards rehabilitation.

Lower Back Pain

Due to the wide range of CrossFit routines, it is little wonder that individuals who take part in these routines, sometimes experience pain and strain at their lower back. Popular activities such as jumping, bending, and lifting, put the lower back of our body at the risk of injury. When symptoms like these arise, consult with a chiropractic doctor before returning to your CrossFit training

Our doctors try to motivate our patients to move and get them back to their preferred activities as soon as possible. Our approach of care is more like sports chiropractic where we do a lot of soft tissue work, muscle work, adjustments to the joints, rehab and teach specific exercises so our patients can get back to movement as soon as possible.

How to Avoid CrossFit Injuries?

CrossFit is a way to keep fit, and it also involves endurance-testing training practices that help boost the health of the body.

With the increase in lots of CrossFit locations, it is necessary to do the right research before using one and ask thorough questions such as:

Do you have a certified trainer to watch my form and spot me on heavier routines?

Having someone to monitor your form and notice any heavier move will help you avoid CrossFit injuries. If you are working alone or in a group system, having a certified trainer to monitor you helps you to stay safe.

How would you guide me when I perform CrossFit routines?

Proper instruction and guide on how to perform CrossFit activities such as running and weightlifting will help keep you away from injuries. Hence, use a gym that puts more emphasis on your learning. Always ask for instructions when performing CrossFit routines until you are comfortable and confident in your performance.

If you get injured occasionally when performing CrossFit routines, it means something is wrong. Being persistent in these routines can prolong your healing process.

At Custom Chiropractor, we have a team of dedicated professionals with a thorough knowledge of CrossFit injuries. We also help you optimize your body to perform CrossFit regimens.

How Can Chiropractic Help with CrossFit Injuries

Sports chiropractic is based on the diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal conditions. Regular chiropractic care can be used to treat existing conditions and help you identify weak links in your body mechanic and most importantly help to prevent future injuries.

Adding CrossFit and chiropractic is a good way to reduce the risk of injuries and boost your overall health. Hence, CrossFit and chiropractic are both essential components to optimize the body’s full potential.

Before you begin to perform CrossFit regimens, chiropractors can help make your body flexible. We do full body work, including extremities. Which in this case, CrossFitters it’s very important. Being flexible ensures that your body is resilient to injuries; it also allows you to perform lifting exercises without any difficulty.

Concerning injuries, though, chiropractors can help adjust your joints and manipulate the soft tissue in your body to reduce inflammation. It also allows the proper flow of blood to the injured area, hence, boosting the healing process. However, chiropractic is not only limited to taking care of the back region of the body. Chiropractors solve lots of musculoskeletal complaints that include extremities such as shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, knee and foot pain.

Due to the fact that our chiropractors specialize in musculoskeletal conditions, their job is to ensure your body is in good condition, enabling you to perform CrossFit workouts. Don’t neglect the pain you experience when performing CrossFit routines, especially if you have injuries. To know how our chiropractors can help with injuries related to CrossFit, get in touch with them and inquire how they can assist you to boost your health and help you grow stronger.

If you are pondering on being part of the CrossFit world, or probably you want to live healthier and happier, then book an appointment or call Custom Chiropractor. We can help keep you in shape and injury-free for you to perform your daily activities and live a healthy and comfortable life.

Make chiropractic care part of your wellness today!

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