Cycle Syncing & Exercise

For all our patients who experience that time of the month – this article is for you! You’ve probably spent your adult life experiencing some of the following symptoms: mood swings, bloating, weight fluctuations, changes to appetite and sex drive, and even cognitive processing! It can be frustrating when your menstrual cycle comes along and  you have to change plans to accomodate.

There are numerous benefits to cycle syncing including:

  • Reduced PMS symptoms including bloating, cravings and mood swings
  • Improved quality of sleep
  • Increased energy
  • Reduced period pain such as cramping
  • Improved hormonal balance


While most females experience at least one of these symptoms, cycle syncing is especially beneficial for those who struggle with polycystic ovary syndrome, weight fluctuations, and infertility.

Cycle syncing can help. This refers to changing your lifestyle based on the stage of cycle you’re currently in. It may be your diet, sleep or exercise. Today we will examine which types of exercise are best for each stage of your menstrual cycle. Let’s examine each phase.

Phase 1: Menstrual

This phase lasts typically lasts between 3- 7 days. Your hormones estrogen and progesterone are low which creates fatigue and bloating.

With low energy levels, it’s best to match this phase with low impact activities.

  • Yoga, pilates
  • Walking, hiking
  • Stretching

Phase 2: Follicular

A longer duration between 2 – 3 weeks, during which your esterogen levels rise and causes an improved mood and energy levels.

As energy levels increase, the intensity of your workout can as well.

Phase 3: Ovulation

Typically a shorter 1-2 day phase in which the egg is released from your ovaries. Hormone levels are at their peak. This boosts your mood and energy.

Similar to the follicular phase, energy levels are generally higher so you may be able to follow the same routine.

Phase 4: Luteal

During this time, your progesterone levels are increasing, which may cause bloating, breast tenderness and mood swings.

Energy levels have dropped slightly following ovulation, so medium intensity exercise is best.

  • strength training
  • intense yoga or pilates


At Custom Chiropractor, we specalize in perinatal care. Our team is trained to help ease the symptoms you face during your menstrual cycle and empower you to move during this time. Book an appointment now at one or our two locations to learn more about cycle syncing and exercise.


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