Exercise for Beginners

Exercise can seem overwhelming when first starting out. As a beginner, you are faced with so many options. Cardio or strength? Body weight or dumbbells? Jogging or biking? Group class or solo?While there is no one specific format of exercise that is better than another, certain exercises can be more benefical than others with certain goals in mind. Check out our exercise for beginners guide below.

Here are some questions to ask yourself as a beginner before starting exercise:

  • What are my goals?
      • Goal setting is important before starting exercise as it gives purpose to your actions. This will help determine which format of exercise is best for you.


  • What format of exercise do I like?
      • Have you tried exercise before that you really enjoyed? Choosing an exercise that motivates you is important, as it helps ensure you will stick with a routine!


  • What types of exercise have I never tried?
      • This may be time to try something new – a new sport that’s always looked fun, a motivating workout class, or new movement you’ve always wanted to master. Keep in mind new forms of exercise when first starting out to see if you discover a new favorite.


  • Is it safe for me to start exercising right now?
      • For most individuals, it’s always a good time to exercise! If you have a previous injury or a preixisting health condition, consult your doctor before partaking in exercise.



Cardiovascular Exercise for Beginners

Cardiovascular, or aerobic, exercise refers to any form of physical activity that increases the heart rate. This in turn increased oxygen and blood flow pumping throughout the body. This form of exercise has numerous benefits, including reducing risk of disease, improve daily functions, and even boost your memory!  Aerobic activity utilizes multiple muscle groups to get you moving – a full body workout!

Some examples include walking, cycling, swimming, jogging or stair climbing. This form of exercise is great for beginners as it requires little to no equipment and minimal to no instructions. It can also be performed easily in a variety of settings. Cardio exercise is great to perform in group settings as well, providing extra motivation with friends! At Custom, we often encourage some light form of aerobic activity following treatment to ensure you continue to provide blood flow to tight areas released in session. Ask your chiropractor which form of exercise they would recommend for you following treatment!

Resitance Exercise for Beginners

Resistance, or strength exercise, focuses on increasing muscular strength and endurance by moving a load. This load can be achieved through a variety of forms – body weight, resistance bands, dumbbells, or machines for example. Resistance training has great benefits, such as increasing muscle mass, improving heart health and making your bones stronger! As a beginner, it’s a good idea to start with body weight exercises while learning new biomechanics.

Practicing the seven functional movements is a great place to start as these are full body movements! Once you’ve mastered the bodyweight versions of these exercises you can add more resistance. This can be achieved several ways – resistance band, dumbbells, machines, barbells are some of the most common examples. Be sure to use a weight appropriate to your body. It’s important to ensure progressive overload when resistance training – as your body adapts, so should your training to ensure strength is continually improved over time.

High Intensity Exercise for Beginners

High intensity interval training – or H.I.I.T. – refers to repeated movements or cycles that increase the heart rate and keep it eleavated for the duration of the workout. Typically, the heart rate should be 80% of the individual’s maximum heart rate. HIIT alternates between short bursts of movements and rest periods that ensure the heart rate is elevated. This is a great way to build muscular endurance and also improve your body’s anaerobic capabilities.

HIIT exercises are typically performed with body weight – such as burpees, jumping jacks or squats – but may include some equipment such as a jump rope. As a beginner, it’s important to perform HIIT exercise for shorter durations to start. This will allow your heart to become stronger and adapt to the intensity of the workout progressively.


If you are interested in starting a new exercise routine but are unsure where to begin, Custom Chiropractor can help! Come get assessed today to find out which form of exercise is right for your body and your goals. We can help create a curated routine of exercises and stretches that suit you best. Book online today at our Palo Alto or Santa Clara location.



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